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Like all mortals, the Esama has had his own challenges since he celebrated his76th birthday in 2010. In the same vein, the Esama has recorded astounding successes in several areas of human Endeavour and has been honoured by several individuals and organizations for his outstanding contributions to his community, state, nation, the world and humanity in general.

Furthermore, 77 is a special number. It is a magical and enchanting number. The attainment of 77 years on earth by any person is in itself a feat and a special favour done to the person by God Almighty which should be loudly celebrated by those who can meet the demands of such a celebration.

The Holy Bible informs us that the approved lifespan of man on earth is three scores and ten that is 70 years. Any additional time spent on earth by any person who has already attained the age of 70 years na jara. Chief Igbinedion’s age on September 11, 2011 is seven years above 70 years. In going through the history of his life holistically, we can only inexorably come to the conclusion that this guru.

And pioneer of amazing initiatives in the industrial and commercial fields of the private sector of the economy of Africa’s most populous nation deserves to celebrate and be celebrated on his arrival at this historic milestone in his life’s journey.

Today, we are all gathered to honour a great man who is an outstanding elder in the club of SEPTUAGENARIANS. By the grace of God his Creator, we shall in the course of time gather to honour him as an OCTOGENARIAN, as a NONAGENERIAN and finally, as a CENTENARIAN.

The theme of this year’s celebration of Leviathan’s birthday was chosen after a meticulous and scholarly review of chief Igbinedion’s life from childhood to this day. It was a through and objective historical excursion which at the end revealed that the theme should be: “IGBINEDION THE ANOINTED AT 77”. The man Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion was created and anointed for great deeds, monumental achievements and exceptional favours. The names he was given by his parents at birth were divinely inspired:
GABRIEL:   --          The angel and messenger of God.
OSAWARU: --          A man sent to earth by God to do his will.

Chief Igbinedion has been a man on a divine mission as a true servant of God. He was sent to the world to serve God and mankind with all his strength and his resources. Although he hails from the hitherto little known village of Okada (now a bubbling University town),God  in his infinite wisdom anointed Gabriel Osawaru as His Oracle and  trusted agent for the distribution of some of His mundane wealth to humanity in general. In the course of fulfilling his mandate, Chief Igbinedion has naturally been different challenges. Prominent among these challenges is the inability of his detractors to understand the mesmerizing abundance of God’s blessing upon the tiyan and how to relate with his larger-than-life image.

No professional writer or essayist can in one piece touch upon all the facets of the man Igbinedion. Chief Igbinedion is a living legend, a tireless trailblazer and pathfinder, a statesman and patriot, a quintessential businessman, a consummate philanthropist, a mentor and benefactor, a universally acclaimed promoter of African Chieftaincy Institutions, a missionary extra-ordinary, a visionary diplomat, abridge-builder, a phoenix, a Titan, an ageless oracle and  avatar. The writer who finds himself writing about Chief Igbinedion will first have to confront the awesome challenge of choosing from his legion of attributes he/she would like to dwell on.

In the past years, we have dwelt on many facets of Chief Igbinedion’s life and those who have had the opportunity of attending his birthday celebrations annually will agree with us that we have adequately portrayed many aspects of his life in our essays in the programmes of celebration in the past.
This year essay will only touch upon some facets  of his legendary life that that may interest readers.



On the 26th of July 2011, 55 students and ten (10) teachers of Igbinedion Education Centre, Benin City who were on their annual historic educational excursion to Rome (Italy) and London (United Kingdom) paid a courtesy Visit to the Nigeria High Commission in London. The excursion party which was led by Her Excellency Lady Cherry L. igbinedion, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the School and a leading Educational Consultant herself was received at the high commission by His Excellency Senator Dr. Tafida, the Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Roles in several areas of the Nigerian economy. He recalled that Chief Igbinedion, a man of great vision and mission, established the first private University in Nigeria, Igbinedion University, Okada(1999). Thus pointing the way to a good number of his compatriots, religious bodies and ethnic communities who were soon to follow in his footsteps.   


The activities lined up for the Esama's 77th Birthday celebration this year:

Monday, 5th Sept. 2011
  Opening of three churches

Tuesday, 6th Sept. 2011

Opening of three churches

Wednesday, 7th Sept. 2011

Opening of two churches

Thursday, 8th Sept. 2011 

Opening of two churches

Friday, 9th Sept. 2011  

Versatile Six Day and Birthday Lecture

Saturday, 10th Sept. 2011 

Okada/Usen Day

Sunday, 11th Sept. 2011 

Birthday proper - Morning Dew Service

Sunday, 18th Sept. 2011  

Thanksgiving Service at St. Gabriel The Archangel Catholic Church, Benin City


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