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 What is an Oracle?


Warren Buffet who once observed that shrouds have no pockets because of his innate desire to give all his wealth to charity has since given 99 percent of his wealth to the Bill and Belinda Gates' Foundation, a charitable organization that is waging a war against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Polio in Africa and the Third World generally.

Looking at the man Igbinedion historically at 76, one is tempted to easily agree that all the above-mentioned attributes or characteristics of an oracle fit the Esama as his natural apparel.

If we are challenged to substantiate our modest claim, then it might be necessary to walk down memory lane and recall with nostalgia a few instances of the actions of the Esama which are a reflection of his oracular personality.

As a messenger in Benin Divisional Council in those days, he cultivated a policy of carving for himself an image of a very neat, punctual and hardworking staff member because he realized that those were the qualities that would earn him the love , respect and confidence of not only his colleagues but also those of his superior officers.

Was it any surprise therefore that one of the senior officers of the Council who owned a motorcycle but could not ride a motorcycle practically parted with his motorcycle to young Igbinedion who although he did not own a motorcycle was very good at riding motorcycles. With his Oga's motorcycle, Gabriel toured every nook and cranny of Benin Division in those difficult days marketing a literacy book called "ukpa 'laghodaro", that was published by the Federal Ministry of Education of Western Region of Nigeriato promote literacy amongs the citizens in the Divisional Council of theregion. Through Igbinedion's singular effort, Benin Divisional Council emerged the first and the best among all the Divisional Councils in the defunct Western Region of Nigeria in the sale of the book and the promotion of literacy in the constituent Councils of the Region. The Vision, energy, commitment and ambition that spurred Gabriel Igbinedion to record this exceptionalachievement that will continue to remain a landmark for successive generations to emulate. The reader is left to guess what benefits such extra-ordinary achievements can attract to a young junior staff in any establishment.


What is an ORACLE?



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