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 What is an Oracle?

Standard English Dictionaries such as: (a) The World Book Dictionary; (b) Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English define "Oracle" variously as:

1. A Prophet

2. Avery Wise Person

3. Areliable and sure guide

4. Avery wise answer

5. Divine revelation or message from God

6. One who has an insight into the future

7. The priest or prietess through whom the gods were believed to give thier message

8. Aperson or book that gives valuable advice or information

In a recent CNN documentary on an eminent citizen of the United States of America. Mr Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world and indeed the third richest man in in the world, the narrator described the subject as an oracle because in his opinion, he ( the subject) was :

a. one who was not afraid of failure

b. one who was not afraid to admit his human frailities and one who was always willing to take up challenges of life

c. one who kept people wondering what force was driving him on as he was often found to succeed where his contemporaries had all failed; one who gallantly walked on terrains which the bravest of men found daunting...read on


What is an ORACLE?



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